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gourds, and other fine friends

May 10, 2011

look who's a cover boy...

Peru Sugar Bowl gourd

apple guild plants are growing... onions, leeks, dill, cilantro, siberian comfrey, lupine, nasturtiums...

Today we planted gourds in the bamboo teepee garden. Birdhouse, Nest Egg and Peru Sugar Bowl. If they grow, (always skeptical!) we’ll have little egg shaped gourds for rattles, round gourds with necks to make birdhouses and shakers, and round flat ones to make bowls. I chose them for the fun of having some craft projects in the Fall with the little guy and also to help the peas shade the bamboo teepee. I have no idea if it is going to be way too covered with leaves, peas and gourds or not enough. We’ll find out in a few months! The seedlings are from the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center‘s summer plant sale, which is always inspiring.

There are five tomato plants awaiting their places too, a toothache plant, (which numbs your mouth if you chew a leaf! Always a great trick to play on friends, heehee, and medicinal as well) and some tobaccos and johnny jump ups, I always love them!)

Gardening is like knitting, an exercise in patience. This patience I have never really developed until recently and even now, it’s so hard to wait for summer. Mostly it’s because I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m sure as time goes on, one develops a sense of what happens with each plant over the year, but I’m also sure the garden remains full of surprises. The garden’s surprises are mostly delightful!

And speaking of delightful, guess who is cover boy on the new Ripples magazine? Ripples is the yearly publication for Daily Acts, a fabulous local organization creating all things sustainable, from gardens to cob, to greywater and bees to fermentation and canning. Check them out. Also don’t forget to sign up for the 350 home and garden challenge. Any energy efficiency project or any garden project qualifies and you can even receive discounts on supplies if you sign up for garden challenge weekend, which is this weekend!

Now I need to figure out how to find some time in the front garden because the back garden has been receiving all the attention this year…

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