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May 17, 2011

look what I caught in my garden trap!

indigos: will they survive?

Sunday we helped a friend work in her huge beautiful garden. It was rainy in the morning so we thought the work party would be postponed, but at around 10:30 or 11, the weather shifted and it was beautiful! After a couple of hours, back to white cold weather. Today was another rainy day, but it had a pause too. We wanted to go outside so we watched for a break in the weather and it happened around 10:30! It was sunny and not that cold for a couple of hours. We ran outside and planted some indigo seedlings that have been waiting for their place in the new bed we made last week, and worked on the teepee garden, adding another pole and some string for the peas to climb. Lukas added mineral rock dust to the peas, gourds and indigos. I don’t know if they all need it, but I guess we’ll find out! I’m interested to see if you can really plant something right into mulch in a new garden bed and have it thrive. The teepee garden seems to be doing just that but what about the indigo bed? It’s only a week or two old. We’ll see soon.

I’ve been reading David Holmgren’s book Permaculture: Principles an Pathways Beyond Sustainability. It’s amazing, and just the book I’ve been wanting to read about permaculture. It doesn’t tell you “plant this plant here” and “here’s a design for a garden”. Although I like that kind of book too, this one is more of a way of thinking design book. It’s more about the philosophies and patterns behind it all and helps you to consider things in a way that will allow you to be in the permaculture mindset when doing anything in your yard, garden, landscape, life, etc. He discusses how one main way the aborigines managed their land in Australia was by migrating in patterns to certain areas at certain times to harvest certain things. Over thousands of years the landscape evolved into a particular wild looking and human sustaining place, based upon how the humans interacted with it along with natural patterns. Acting with the natural patterns of things makes life so much easier and more beautiful and more life-sustaining.

I am happy to notice the patterns of weather more this week, and adapt to them in some small way like noticing the break in rain and jumping out there while we could, knowing we would be back to our indoor activities soon enough. Small steps are where we are at, and it all adds up.

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