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bloomin bloomers

May 18, 2011

double ribbons!

So the bloomers are finished! Here they are in all their glory. I totally love this color and the little ribbony things at the bottom. The only problem is they hit right on my knees so I would either add or subtract length next time to make that go away because it feels weird to have elastic on your knee. BUT, I can still wear them, either higher over the knee or looser on the knee and they are fine. In fact, I have them on right now…

OK, I’ll admit it, the next project is done too, almost. It’s the knit top and I couldn’t wait for the elaborate directions, I just took the basic directions and made it today. I made a basic black in a rayon knit. I just don’t think I’m going to bother to hem the top’s neckline or arms because they seem fine the way they are and they will probably just look bad if I try to hem a knit! But we’ll see…

The greatest thing about this sewing class is that right now I am wearing an entirely handmade outfit. I also feel that I could make anything I want right now. I’m on a closet purging roll too, the goal is to only have things I really wear and to make as much as possible from now on. It all takes time of course, but I have time since the little guy seems to like hanging out in the sewing room for decent intervals, so that helps.

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