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tip top

May 23, 2011

it actually looks like my regular clothes!

Week three of the online sewing workshop brought us to sewing knits! This top was amazingly fast to make, but I used slidey, hard to work with fabric… Of course I picked fabric with lycra in it so it was even worse but it was so drapey I had to pick it. I learned some nice tricks for making up the top and am now ready to make more knits since I have conveniently forgotten how hard this fabric was to cut out and to sew on.

What I like most about this top is that it looks like everything I already wear, which means I will actually wear it. In fact, I wore it a couple days in a row and slept in it and am sleeping in it again tonight…

I am now drafting the pattern for the last “challenge”: The Knit Dress. I made a few changes to the pieces other than the direction we were given. I love that enough directions about how to adjust the pattern were shared to make me want to take it a tiny bit further. We’ll see if it works out!

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  1. Lynn permalink
    May 25, 2011 6:27 am

    Hi! I just found you through Kathy’s While Tangerine Dreams blog and wanted to tell you that your top is fantastic! I wanted to take the workshop, but unfortunately wasn’t able to. I’m hoping Kathy will have another one this fall or winter. Glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed her workshop!

    • karen hess permalink*
      May 25, 2011 10:17 am

      thanks Lynn! I’m enjoying the class and I’m sure she’ll do another one! It is inspiring me to do much more sewing too so we’ll see what transpires…

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