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slow spring

May 25, 2011

my view from the picnic blanket

clothesline plus sun equals solar dryer

he was totally over here singing quietly to himself for about 10 minutes, so cute!

This morning we took it easy. It is spring and there are so many things to do and we did a lot of them but also the morning was so beautiful it called out to be appreciated with slowness. I talked with a good friend on the phone inside and outside while Lukas played. It was so great to catch up! L and I worked a little in the garden and harvested some cilantro and onions to add to the black bean soup simmering on the stove for lunch. We made lunch and took it outside to eat on the grass under the cherry tree. It was a leisurely meal that ended up with Lukas and Scott tumbling around on the grass… and me napping under the tree… Above is my view of the clothesline and the tree and the sky. The slowness morphed into everyone going and doing their thing and Lukas quietly playing in the gravel. Then I noticed he was singing in a really sweet little heartfelt voice to himself for about 10 minutes!

I need to remember that we do not always need to be doing something even if there are a lot of tasks to accomplish on the agenda. Even if the downtime only lasts an hour or two, it gives me energy to enthusiastically do a lot during the rest of the day (like do all my errands, play with Lukas and reorganize the sewing room into a room that can actually be used!). And spring mornings are bursting with beauty, I don’t want to take them for granted!

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