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May 26, 2011

the native plant yard today

the yard one year ago

native yarrow, native penstemon and culinary thyme border the front walk

hummingbird sage—beautiful and fragrant!

native penstemon and medicinals "self heal" and calendula on the other side

I’m kindof amazed at what a difference one year makes! A year ago we mulched this lawn and planted native, edible and medicinal plants right into the mulch on top of and through the lawn. This spring, the plants really took off. I love the native penstemon, it has this electric blue color that I can’t even believe!

In the front yard, instead of grass, we now have a huge medicinal/edible garden. While there is still a ways to go, one year gave us a great start! Plants include: “self heal” plant, calendula, thyme, yarrow, yerba buena tea, yellow currants, huckleberries, an olive tree, heirloom tomatoes, sunflowers, hollyhocks, tobaccos, new zealand spinach, white borage, chard, lavender, native strawberries, and many fragrant and beautiful sages, including hummingbird sage and ceremonial white sage, that, so far, have kept the deer off the colorful roses by the house.

Lukas has been helping me in the front yard and he even planted some of the plants the last time we added things. He is really getting into it and runs the paths regularly to check on things! The paths double as rainwater catchment since they have been dug down a few feet and filled with mulch, and the rainwater from the gutters is routed into them. Thanks to dailyacts for kickstarting it all by hosting a mulch the lawn workshop at our house one year ago!

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