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ruching around

May 27, 2011

knit dress, ruched at the waist

a little ruching action

This week in our online Spring sew camp we are working on the last project, the backwoods-traffic-stopping dress. Here is a peek, it is done except for the hem.  The big new thing I learned on the dress was ruching, where you make the elastic lines to gather it at the waist. I love it! I also adjusted the pattern by adding a little on the outside shoulder because I have wider shoulders, and a little bit in on the neck because I didn’t want such a big scoopneck. Then I slimmed it down on the sides so it would be less gathered all around. It turned out exactly how I wanted it which is  a testament to Kathy‘s teaching skills, she gives you just enough info to take it to the next level, speaking in “pattern language”, very permaculture of you Kathy! I can’t wait to hem it up and wear it. This is the last project but I have two projects on the agenda next week: hemp pants for the little guy, (he has been bugging me to make them!) and sew up his little shirt that I have had cut out forever. Check next week for the finished dress and progress on the kid outfit! I am so sad the class is almost over. I think she might offer another one in the Fall though, so maybe….

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