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studio time

May 30, 2011

in the studio

color! And yes here is another use for a cloth diaper...watercolor table protection

There is this funny thing that is happening at our house lately. Studio time. Sometimes I discover that we are all working on creative projects at the same time. Scott is in his office working on photos from his San Francisco series, Lukas is drawing or painting at the dining table and I’m sewing, knitting, spinning or writing, either in the sewing room or nearby on the couch. I’m surprised by these moments and seriously treasure them.

Another time this week, when I have been sewing, Lukas has been playing with this old typewriter that we have in the sewing room. It’s broken as far as typing, but he figured out how to load the paper and got really excited, “The typewriter works!” he exclaimed… And he loaded paper and “typed” me many letters while I worked on making a little shirt for him. He has also been really into writing letters and wants to write and mail a letter every few days. Who am I to stop written correspondence? It’s inspired me to write a few letters too…

As far as developments with Lukie’s studio hours, today, he began painting for the first time. He’s sort of painted before, but it was more like drawing with paint. Today he really got into the colors and how the paint moved into itself and the paper and just the sheer experience of the colors. It was amazing. It’s so incredible to watch him develop as an artist and watch myself begin to have time again for my art and craft, and to see Scott really delve into a huge project like this San Francisco series. I love and so appreciate studio time!

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