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the right track

May 31, 2011

the little shirt

I need my sleeves and buttons!

Spring Sew camp is almost over but I am still sewing! I hemmed and finished the dress but still don’t have a photo of me wearing it yet. Hopefully soon… Right now I am working on the little shirt for Lukas—it’s the same pattern as the robot shirt but this one is in a homespun navy and tan. These shirts are fun to make even though I have been making this one one seam at a time. The class gave me the idea to come up with actual projects and set a timeline for each project, and not be too upset if something happens to keep me from finishing it right away, and to just keep it in the queue.

Just having the project and the timeline is very helpful to get me to do something on the project and before I know it, after doing one seam for seven days, seven seams have been sewn and I almost have a shirt. Most of you are probably thinking, well that is obvious, but I was surprised at how much I can achieve with this strategy, even when I think I have no time. Somehow I have made four, almost five, pieces of clothing this month!! That seems like an impossible task to me but there you have it.

Yesterday, I found an old British Vogue magazine from 1989, (with Madonna on the cover!) and there was a piece of paper stuck into it from when I was 19 with topics I wanted to work on. Hilariously, they were the same topics I am interested in and working on now! Sewing and fashion design, writing, graphic design, art and literature, French, drawing. They must really be things I resonate with since they are still around! So glad I am on the right track…

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