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cave of forgotten knitting projects

June 2, 2011

the little vest...

You may have wondered about this little vest. Well… it sat in the basket while I did my sewing. Actually it sat in the basket because I realized I made a huge mistake and then I was uninspired to finish it. I may have mentioned that I cast on for size 5-6 accidentally, then knit as if for 2-3, then at the armholes realized the mistake since I had too many stitches, and knit as if for 5-6 again. Oh my it was short with big armholes. However, I finally did the finishing on one armhole there and tried it on the little guy. It fits great! You may notice that the armhole on the right is huge and the one on the left is more normal looking. This is what happens when you do the rib around the armhole, so it’s much better. Those were just the modifications needed. His shirts all have larger sleeves that fit great in those armholes. The length is good and will probably work for at least a year or two, so, now I’m inspired to really finish it! At least before 35,000 years pass.

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