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blue jean

June 7, 2011

checking out his jeans


fly and pockets

back pockets and topstiching

before the slime...

The latest sewing project was kid jeans! They were finished last week and Lukas wore them to cornerstone gardens this weekend, where he promptly slid into some algae and was covered in green slime, woo hoo, the jeans are working! After washing, they still look great, although I can see that pinking the seams of denim is not a great finish and I will need to just find a serger if I am going to make another pair (which I really want to!).

The first challenge of the jeans was making the pattern. I took a pair of jeans that I like on Lukas and looked at them. From the pajama pattern and these jeans, I came up with a pattern that fit. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Since kid jeans have a fake fly and elastic waist that helped. The fake fly is sortof the same as a regular fly, pattern-wise, but I didn’t have to bother with making it open and close. A plus for a first pair of jeans. Then the front pockets were interesting to figure out too.

The next challenge was topstiching. I found thread that was jeans gold thread but it was too thick to work well in my machine, and my machine does not have an adjustable presser foot, so sewing on thick fabric was not easy. I used a new denim needle for seams and a denim twin needle for the topstiching. I adjusted tensions, I switched lots of bobbins, I stayed up at night thinking about it as I gave Lukas treatments with the nebulizer when he woke up coughing nonstop. I finally ended up with hand quilting thread on top and regular thread in the bobbin for the topstiching and a higher top thread tension. It was a lot of switching though since I had one machine. Every time I needed to topstich, I had to switch thread, bobbin and needle! And then back again. I think a serger would solve this problem too. (Can you tell I am thinking about a serger?)

I finished the inside waist with seam binding to reduce hemming bulk and lined the pockets with fabric that matches the little checked shirt. Lukas seems to like them and I love them! The idea I have is that if I make them every year as he gets older, someday I’ll be able to make an adult pair of jeans. I have some cords fabric and the hemp fabric to make some other kid pairs in the meantime…

Now, what will the next sewing project be? Stay tuned, I have a few ideas (summertime, and Rivertown Revival come to mind…) but am not sure yet what next week’s project will be. This week I think I will focus on adding buttonholes and buttons to the little shirt.

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