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the latest at green string

June 8, 2011


green garlic, spinach, and other tasties...

full spectrum rock dust for your garden!

a moody green string landscape

We were just over at green string farm again. It’s so great to go all year long and experience the changing of the seasons with regard to produce and what’s planted. I love seeing what comes back around after a year and what is always there. Right now they have lots of tasty things for late spring: greens, beets, favas, green garlic, you’ll have to go out to see more, In the store: olive oil at $1 per ounce, cheese, eggs, beef (ground beef only $5 lb) and much more preserves and other handmade delicacies. And don’t forget to bring your bucket and fill it up with rock dust for your garden. I added some to broccoli plants and they became so healthy!

The place is just so beautiful, especially when it is drizzly or foggy. You might not think of going out there on a cold day but it is one of the best days to go! Of course, sunny summer days are good too but all year round, I love this place, and Lukie loves hanging out with the chickens and there is something about the big barn he really loves too… maybe running through it…

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