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vintage 2011 dress, in progress

June 15, 2011

the original dress

paper patterns didn't work very well, I scrapped them...

orange cotton pattern pieces, much better!

armhole facings, my favorite....

My latest project is duplicating a vintage dress I have had since I was 17. The easiest way to do it was to drape a pattern with the original dress on the mannequin. It was easier to cut out the fabric pattern pieces too, since the fabric clings to fabric; I didn’t even pin, just used beanbags to hold them down!

I finished making the pattern pieces last week, and this week I started sewing. It’s the same fabric as the smock, a purple linen, and I changed the neck to a V-neck and gave it some more room under the arms. I just hope I don’t mess up the zipper. I can’t really remember how to add a zipper so I’m going to have to look it up and hope for the best… So far, the new thing I have relearned with this project is facings, which give the neck and armholes “that finished look”.

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