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around the garden

June 16, 2011


chards (and a random potato!)

cherry tree of abundance

native lupine in the "guilded apple" garden

a delicata squash plant (left) and a tobacco plant

provence lavender and native woodland strawberries in front of the roses

I’m joining farmama this week for a post about “around the farm” or garden in our case.

The mornings this week have been beautiful and the ones I haven’t had allergies, we’ve been outside, weeding, planting, trimming, watering, etc. This morning we added some strawberries to the front yard on the inside borders of a path. I love how once you have some plants established, ideas reveal themselves, like “there is a little piece of empty space that is calling out for strawberries”! We may even move existing strawberries to this new spot, since it seems so great.

The squash is a fairly new planting and I planted it near the tobacco in the full sun. I love the opalescent sheen on the leaves of the delicata squash plant. We also added a couple of basil plants there, hoping the sun will make an abundant plant. Basil has always been elusive for me. Lukas loves being in the garden, even the front yard garden he stays in now, hanging out with ladybugs, making compost tea, watering, etc.

As far as the harvest: I’ve been harvesting more hollyhocks for our summer dyepot and also snipping cilantro, smallage (a celery flavored herb that looks like parsley), and dill regularly. Greens and indigos are beginning to grow larger and onions are big enough that Lukas pulls them up and then we have them in our dinner! Peas are slowing appearing on the teepee and native yellow currants are eaten right off the bush by you know who. Roses and calendulas are being picked and of course cherries! Friends have come by for a round of picking too. A few strawberries have appeared on the backyard plants. The beginning of summer is here! Sunflowers are starting to grow up and you can almost see the plants growing by the minute!

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