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around the garden, early summer

June 30, 2011

native yellow currants, Lukas ate almost all of them right off the bush!

calendula and native penstemon in full bloom!

I started a little fence around the new leeks bed but then it rained so it was put on hold...

cilantro, lupine and nasturtiums in the apple guild

the squash and tobacco are coming up fast!

I’m joining farmama again this week for around the farm or garden as the case may be. In the front garden, the tobacco and squash are growing fast! Calendula, penstemon and lavender are in full bloom and the yellow currants have been picked clean by Lukas. A few strawberries have appeared. Two tomato plants, basils and oregano are steadily growing larger. I planted a bunch of sages inthe front of the front yard because the deer came in last year and ate all the roses by the house. This year, the neighbors roses were eaten but ours were not! Maybe it’s working…

In the apple guild we have lots of salad and soup additions, onions, leeks, nasturtiums, cilantro, dill. The first drop of apples is happening too, and the rest grow larger in the tree.

In the bamboo teepee vicinity, peas are mostly out and gourds are growing in and borage flowers are a daily snack and go into our salads. Indigo is getting really big and a new leek bed is planted (thanks to Josh). I started building a little bamboo fence around it, but it rained so that was put on hold… Verbena, mint and rosemary are abundant.

In the actual vegetable beds the chard is finally growing, my favorite crop, somehow I know I didn’t plant enough. Also parsley and smallage (which is like parsley that tastes like celery) are growing and celeriac. I added some yacon and mashua this year too and they seem to be really taking off. They produce potato-like tubers that are tasty and the mashua leaves are good too, sort of peppery. The ever present kale tree (from our friends in Marshall, where they grow a garden perched on the edge of Tomales Bay!) towers over the back vegetable bed against the fence.

Cherries seem to be pretty much done and lemons linger on, so many of them hiding inside the tree until Scott picks them for vodka drinks. I’m making lemon sorbet tomorrow if I have time. Broccoli is always a mystery to me. The plants look good but will there be broccoli? And I think I saw a soaproot back there too, which is interesting because it is related to acorn making.

It is amazing to think that all these plants are growing right here and nourishing us. I’m so thankful they are here.

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