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breakfast is the most important meal of the day

July 12, 2011


The other morning we decided to out to breakfast. We never do this but the Tea Room has some new gluten free offerings so we tried it. We left as soon as we could and arrived about 9am, the weather was perfect, people were great and the food delicious. We sat outside and Lukas loved hanging out there and loved his gluten free pancake with a side of sausage (thanks Pat!).

When we arrived home, we noticed a huge desk that our neighbor had placed on the sidewalk for the taking. It looked perfect for Scott’s office. So we dragged it across the street, moved some cubbies away from the office doorway, added the old desk in that spot and brought in the new desk. It revitalized the office in a big way! The desk is simple and modern and has no drawers, so Scott’s long legs fit under it much better than the old desk! The old desk is a more spacious table by the door and the drawers are very useful there.

The best part for me is that the cubbies then came onto the enclosed back porch to store outdoor toys, bike helmets and kid garden tools. On top I have picnic blankets and outdoor tablecloths in a basket that used to store the little guys clean cloth diapers. The top of the cubbies has also become a place to tie up herbs when I bring them in to dry. It enabled me to organize the other cabinet we have back there to store my garden tools and they are now so convenient.

Who would have thought going out to breakfast would be so productive?

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