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minding his beeswax

July 22, 2011

biplane adventure

taking off...

two planes and a hot air balloon...

I picked up some stockmar modeling beexwax a few months ago and it’s been sitting around the top art shelf this entire time. A few days ago, I moved it to the lower art shelf, where Lukas could eventually find it. (It’s the waldorf version of clay or play dough.) Yesterday, Mimi came over and while we worked on her business card at the dining table, Lukas brought her the beeswax rectangles and right there at the table airplanes and hot air balloons began to emerge… Lukas made request after request and Mimi made some beautiful air transport vehicles! I could see they were both getting really into it making things from this beeswax. The scent of honey wafted through the air as we all played and had a wonderful creative time. It felt like the 3D version of drawing. The amazing thing about this stuff is how it becomes softer and softer and easier to mould as you work with it, and then hardens back up again so you actually have a toy to play with. Then you can use it again the next day for something else! Lukas played with those planes all day and evening. And today they were transformed into new toys! Whether you are into waldorf or not, this is fun stuff.

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