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sunny days

July 25, 2011

before the finished edge

These sunny days call for sunhats, so I made Lukas one of of some remnants of linen I had. It’s reversible but we both already prefer the brown side. (You know how you always have a preference with reversible clothes!)

I looked at a sunhat he had and measured his head to find the circumference. Then I had to use this measurement to find the diameter so I could cut out a circle. You would think I would have been prepared for this by math courses all the way up through calculus. Alas, I hated math, so twenty years later, I couldn’t remember exactly how to find the diameter. Luckily for me, someone else knows, so within 5 seconds I found a diameter calculator on the internet. Group mind is always smarter than an individual!

Soon we had a hat that fit Lukie’s head. Looking in my trims box, I found some 80’s skinny seam binding in brown to finish the edge. I also sewed a bunch of seams around the brim to reinforce it but maybe should have added another fabric layer or some interfacing to keep it standing out more. I could still add more seams but I kind of like the floppy sunhat look!

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