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July 26, 2011

Children at Play, by Heidi Britz-Crecelius

I just found this beautiful book about the development of kids with regard to play. I just finished the chapter about playing with the elements. While of course all the elements can be incorporated anytime, each season has its own natural element, which I discussed a little bit here. It is now summer and a time to play with Water, Spring is Wind, Winter is Fire and Fall is Earth.

One day when Scott lit a fire in the fireplace, Lukas started singing. When he was finished with his song, he said, “That song is for the fire.” I am so happy there was time to sit and build a fire, be in front of it long enough to hear him singing and to hear his words afterward. Lukas loves to bring in the wood, and watch the flames of a fire. My Dad just told me how he loved that too as a kid, just sitting and watching the flames.

With summer comes the chance to play with Water. We just went to the swimming pool, and Lukas dunked himself all the way under as he sauntered down the pool stairs toward me! He was more tentative after that (a good thing) but kept playing. We walked around the pool while I held him, and I held him while he kicked to make a big splash! He jumped off the side into my arms. No lessons yet, just messing around in the water. Today we ran through the sprinkler. And of course watering the garden and playing with water and dirt. Soon we’ll start heading for the beach once in a while when we can. Playing with water is a real summer joy! Now I just need to get him to drink more water.

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