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in the high summer garden

August 11, 2011
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This time of the year, so many things are ripening, and the apples have been abundant. Many of them just fall and bruise or have lots of holes, but many do not. At night we hear them dropping outside. Some of the bruised ones have found their way to a friend’s horses and I’ve been making applesauce and they are being eaten straight from the tree. Gravenstein applesauce is so good and so easy. All I do is cut and peel the apples and send them into the crockpot with a little water. It takes all morning but that is it! No sugar or anything else. When you eat them you can add some cinnamon if you want to.

red onions

In the apple guild area, (you can see a little apple over there, on the right) we planted onions and leeks around the dripline of the tree. This is supposed to keep weeds and grass from encroaching into your apple guild and it looks like it is working so far. The tree is in a corner of the yard, so it’s just a quarter of a dripline’s worth, but it’s still a lot of onions and they are growing into recognizable onions now—very exciting! I’ve been grabbing onions when needed, straight from the yard.


You’ve seen these before, but I can’t resist, it’s so surprising to see these white globelike gourds just appearing on the vines. In the front yard, we have butternut squash and delicata squash growing larger and larger, seemingly overnight! Lukas was counting the squash the other day, peering underneath the large leaves, then asking “Where are the gnomes?”

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  1. Kimberly permalink
    August 11, 2011 8:29 am

    Your garden looks so wonderful! Next year we should have our own (fingers crossed!) We are pulling out all our lawn this year and installing the drip lines. I can’t wait!

  2. karen hess permalink*
    August 11, 2011 8:49 am

    Kim, check out my past posts about mulching the lawn. You don’t even have to pull it out! So much easier! and Then we put in irrigation on top of that, some parts that we were going to vary plantings we used what is called laser tubing which drips every 6 inches and you can move t around to accommodate the seasons plantings.

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