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un petit pique-nique

August 22, 2011

unrolled, just fold the top over, roll and you are ready for the pique-nique!

pique-nique-ready roll

One of the best projects in the book Rhythm of Family is the picnic roll. I made it the other day in a very short time and this weekend we used it at our picnic at Occidental Arts and Ecology Center’s plant sale.

It is a little roll that you can take your silverware and napkins in and have all ready to go at a picnic’s notice. Pair it with the tiffin and it’s a pretty easy picnic. I’m using our normal silverware, but eventually some thrifted silverware will work better so it can stay in there all the time.

We unrolled it for our little picnic today and it was so great to have everything we needed including spare serving spoons and a knife to cut the plums. Another plus is you can roll up your dirty silverware and it’s all contained, and when you get home, just wash your silver and toss the roll in the wash.

The things that make me happy these days, heehee! But it is great to take a picnic with and make picking up plants at the plant sale into a weekend outing that is extra special, not to mention everyone is well fed without spending a lot or generating any trash. The OAEC plant sale, of course is a great outing anyway; that place is so gorgeous and just keeps becoming more beautiful. We had our picnic in the kids’ play area, which featured swings hanging from oak trees, a sandbox and a lounge chair where I took a mini-nap…

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