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setting sail

August 23, 2011

Lukie steers the ship as Russian sailors look on...

Russian Ship, the Pallada, with all its sails rolled up

the fireboat by the Bay Bridge

After breakfast at home, we go way out of our normal day and head to San Francisco. There is a huge Russian sailing ship docked there until tomorrow morning so we go to check out the ship!

This huge ship, the Pallada, is amazing. It was built in 1989 in Poland and is just like the sailing ships of old. They actually sailed here from Russia with the sails. I don’t see one speck of plastic anywhere. All wood decks, metal and wood boat and masts, fabric sails and ropes ropes, ropes. There are miles of rope, ropes everywhere, big ropes, small ropes, enormous ropes, ropes controlling everything. The sailors all look about 14 years old and don’t speak English, and I wish I remembered some Russian from my college course twenty years ago! One of them speaks a tiny bit of English and tells me he went to the university and this boat was his internship. (actually he says “practice”) The sun even comes out while we are on the ship! Lukas decides he wants to sail away on the ship.

After experiencing this one of a kind (with hopefully more to come) boat, we break out the picnic roll and tiffin on an office park lawn and eat lunch. This somehow makes the entire day go easier, having what we want for lunch right there. Then, we go to look at the fire boat, since Lukas really wants to see it and it was right down the road by the Ferry Building. (are there fairies in the Ferry Building?” he asks…)

After a quick stop at the Tcho factory for some chocolate, we are back on the road home, feeling good from fabulous chocolate and beautiful boats. Then it’s a little yard work and a simple good dinner at home.

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