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around the hot summer garden

August 25, 2011

A quick trip to the front garden yielded these offerings for our homemade pizza. Well, the calendulas are for making salves and natural bug repellant later in the year. We gather them as they bloom and dry them on the windowsill. When they are dry, they go into a glass jar for later use. I love these tomatoes! They are called green grape and, as would be expected, are grapelike in shape and are greenish when ripe. Nearby are the oregano and basil. I found you can preserve basil in salt in the refrigerator if you want fresh tasting basil in a few months. Otherwise, you can always dry it or freeze pesto. (we’ve been drying it)

Yesterday, plants from the OAEC plant sale went into the front winter garden: chard and lettuce and cilantro. Today more chard went into the back beds and we did some cleanup from summer—weeding and gathering the rest of the apples. It is hot all day now instead of our usual cool mornings and summer afternoon heat. And in the mid evening the wind starts picking up, Indian summer is starting soon!

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