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pillowcase talk—the sewing lesson

September 1, 2011

new pillowcase with friends added

the completed project!

banana fabric, with dot accent fabric and brown linen

This week, we find ourselves at the nearby local fabric store and the idea for a pillowcase pops into my head since my mom has made a few for Lukas from cute fabrics and it seems like a simple project he can help me with. This banana fabric reminds us of curious george, we find some dots to go with it and I already have brown linen for the stripe. Lukas picks out perfectly matching thread on his own. The woman helping us at the fabric store gives me a little tutorial on how to make a pillowcase by doing this little rolling the fabric trick that can only be explained in person, then mentions that her grandson has been pushing the sewing machine pedal for her sometimes since about L’s age. Lukas has been really wanting to do this for a while now. Hmmmm.

The next day after our fabric is all pre-washed, I pin it together and let Lukas run the machine by pushing the pedal. We have a couple misfires, but basically, he is very even and deliberate about it. We sew the entire pillowcase (three seams) with him doing the pedal and it doesn’t take long. Before lunch, he is excited to have me help him place his new pillowcase onto his pillow!

I don’t know about any of you with kids that are interested in sewing, but when I was learning sewing as a kid, I certainly did not consider taking apart the sewing machine and putting it back together again. While Lukas is excited to sew, he is also interested in what is inside the machine. He even had a toy screwdriver out, ready to start in. I can only hope he’s meticulous enough to put the thing back together if he ever does try to take it apart!

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  1. September 1, 2011 11:06 am

    Fabulous and inspiring! I have a fabric I want to make a pillow out of for Tymon, but now, seeing this, I think I want to go fancier and pick some other materials to add the grand style and texture I see here!

    Can you tell me what you put inside? I’ve been trying to find an organo-groovy pillow insert…

    Had to laugh at the screwdriver to the sewing machine image! 🙂



    • karen hess permalink*
      September 1, 2011 1:27 pm

      Well, I used an existing pillow that is probably nonorganic. Not much help I’m afraid! You could try the usual suspects of gaiam or lifekind for pillows. Can’t wait to see the pillowcases you are dreaming up!

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