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wild card

September 13, 2011

the carded wool

Today we go outside and card the wool we cleaned the other day. Hand carders look sortof like dog brushes with metal tines. When you card wool you are lining up the fibers so they all fluff up and go the same direction for spinning into yarn or using for felting projects.

I have a pair of hand cards that I’ve had since I was a kid. I haven’t used them much but they work great and it’s really funny how the muscle memory of how to use them is really ingrained since I learned them as a kid.  Lukas does a bit of carding too and then plays in his little pool while I do more carding. Today, he has been practicing his spinning wheel pedal action for when we spin the carded wool into yarn later in the week. I was hoping he’d get sick of using the spinning wheel so I could use it more, but no such luck.

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