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spinning a yarn

September 15, 2011

two ply yarn from a gray sheep

drum carding

spinning the white fleece!

"fiber room" on the back porch

Lucky me, a friend lends me her drum carder so I card away all afternoon and now have a basketful of wool to spin! (more to go, carding an entire fleece takes a long time!) We do some spinning too, a bunch of gray wool, spun, then plyed, then made into skeins. Then we start in on the fleece that was just washed and carded. It’s exciting to be making yarn from the very beginning, now I need to figure out what to knit from it.

It has been such beautiful weather, I did all the carding outside, then when I finished for the day, I organized a little “fiber room” on the back porch so it is all easily transported outdoors or can be done indoors right there. The night is really warm, and the neighbors are outside singing beautiful songs. How sweet!

And speaking of spinning, I found all these eighties records at the thrift store. Now we have to get the record player working…

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