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in plane view

September 27, 2011

the great international airplane book

flying the flippy plane...

Our friend gave us this book some time ago and recently our little guy discovered it on the shelf (now that there are only 6 books! heehee!). He wants to make every airplane in the book. We make three in one sitting together and begin flying them. It’s pretty amazing! One flips around when he flies it, the next one flies long and straight, the next one flips but stays in the air and keeps flipping! Especially as he becomes older, this seems like a great science experiment, seeing how the airplanes do different things depending on where the weight is and how they are folded. He is already intrigued with the differences and plays with these for most of the morning. Plus, I love that they are so simple and beautiful and they are new toys that we can make ourselves.

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