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big three

September 28, 2011

on an old train in his homemade jeans that make it look like we're in the 40's, except for the cool shirt he's wearing that is definitely from the modern era.

Today is a milestone moment. I am so used to taking care of the little baby now and the baby is steadily getting bigger and doing things himself. It’s been coming for a while, but tonight it is all put together for the first time. Tonight, he goes into the shower, (nope no more baths for this big guy) showers for a little while, turns off the shower, emerges by himself, dries off, walks into his room, puts on his own pajamas and is reading nursery rhymes on his bed when I appear to read a chapter from the Wizard of Oz. At least I am able to brush his teeth. We read the book and then he goes to sleep. Wow. Sort of exciting because it’s supposed to happen and it’s less work for me, but… a little surprising. And I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to be happening every night…I think.

Ever since we started the 7 o’clock bedtime, it has been easier to get him to sleep. It is hard to believe but true. And now, he’s doing this. Getting ready for bed…himself. I expect it will go back and forth for a while between “help me mama” to “I can do it myself!” until we forget he wasn’t always preparing himself for bed. He’s even starting to sleep all night…sometimes. (I know, it’s a little late and I am ready for it!)

Sometimes he is such a big boy and other times he looks so small. It’s a funny little age, the late threes.

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