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heart’s desire

October 3, 2011

you have to wear a hat at the beach

the birds

We spend the entire day at Heart’s Desire beach with Margaret. It is so relaxing and funny out there with all those crazy seagulls trying to steal your food, (which we hid in a zip up cooler) the green and blue water advancing into the highest tide I’ve ever seen there and a ray swimming by us while we wade under some trees. Lukas accidentally submerges himself completely underwater (again) and loves it, and I am only slightly alarmed. From then on he keeps running into the Bay trying to repeat that adrenaline rush. Oddly, there is a certain caution to his recklessness, for which I am grateful. He develops the rash again from the water like last time (what could it be?), but I am prepared for it, and we go in and out of the water to keep it in check. The photos are all by Margaret Martin, who graciously sneaks the camera while Lukas and I are surveying the edge.

How different today is from last time we were here, when it just seemed so difficult. We even read poetry and the little guy listens, enjoying. We did nothing that different (except expect the rash and hide our food better) The universe is wonderfully mysterious.

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