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skeleton suit!

October 31, 2011

skeleton suit!

trick or treating on the river

out to scare the neighborhood

With Day of the Dead so prominent in our town, and Halloween happening at around the same time, I’m lucky that Lukas wanted to be a skeleton for Halloween. Now he has a “skeleton suit” as he calls it for all our “Fall events”. He wore it all day Saturday and to the Day of the Dead procession that evening, then Sunday he wore it all day and to a Halloween boat trick or treat downtown where they rowed boats up to the docks and people handed out candy. Then he wore it to the smoothie shop and to ride bikes. On Halloween it will be his third day in the skeleton suit and he is still really into it! So funny!

I made the top with the raglan sleeve T-shirt pattern from Sewing for Boys and the leggings are the sleep leggings he already has three pairs of from Growing Up Sew Liberated. The shirt I made a little longer so I could paint the pelvis part on and so I could layer extra shirts underneath. For the procession he had on underneath: wool leggings and a wool shirt and an extra shirt. The skull hood is based off his wool hood. The feet are felt painted with skeleton bones and velcroed onto his shoes! I painted all the bones after first using tape to position where they should go while he was wearing the shirt and leggings. I am lucky he is as into costumes as I am. He has been very excited about seeing the progression of the costume and keeps hoping everyone will think he is “a real skeleton”. He also thinks it’s very funny if he “scares” someone!

Making costumes is one of my favorite things to do, especially for such an appreciative character. I love coming up with an idea and then watching it evolve as it is made and new ideas present themselves. It’s one of the only times I feel like I go with the flow so easily. And, the costume is big enough that he can maybe even wear it again next year for Day of the Dead. Unless he remembers that he wants to be an Aztec dancer next year, in which case, he may well be wearing that costume for three days in a row…

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