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indigo again

November 1, 2011

drying on the line


Another try at the indigo! This time, it was also tricky, and the first run yielded a pink color and nothing turned blue. Then, a few days later, I noticed that the vat was now blue! So I took the pink skein and dunked it. It turned blue, or more of a gray blue green since it was already pink… the chemical processes of natural dying are so amazing and mysterious. Indigo is the only naturally color fast dye, most colors you need to add what is called a mordant to keep the color fast to the yarn. This is why I am persevering with indigo although these experiments were only mildly successful! The yarn is handspun and plyed from local Windrush Farm wool.The indigo seeds are now emerging and I will save them for next year. If anyone is interested in growing it too I can pass along some seeds to you, just let me know!

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