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we are the 99%

November 3, 2011

occupy sf

So I’ve been at home knitting and taking kids to the park and Scott has been out occupying San Francisco and Oakland. The scene has been mostly peaceful and sounds pretty organized to me—as organized as a plan-as-you-go, consensus-based group can be. Each night they have a meeting and discuss the current situation. When the citizens talk at rallies, they say short increments and then a group shouts it back so the whole crowd can hear what is being said, even without expensive sound amplifying equipment. I just talked with Scott and he told me they just marched to shut down the port and the longshoremen were already pretty much closing it down. Also that there were barely any police and that the crowd was pretty mellow. I think it’s telling that a small police presence has equaled a peaceful protest. Today the general strike was called and we’ll see how it turns out. All in all, an amazing moment. The protests are finally directed at economic injustice and the corporations. One of the requests is that corporations not be regarded as persons. I am guessing that many people did not realize corporate personhood was happening in the first place, and would have already been angry if they had known. Corporate personhood gives corporations rights that should only belong to real people, yet oddly enough, if they commit crimes, there is no jail time or death penalty. Infinite life and liberty without any punishments for wrongdoings. People of all types are at these rallies; you can be conservative or liberal or something else and still be in the bottom economic 99%. There are many people out there and many more that cannot be, like me and our three year old. Those people represent us, so any amount of protestors you see out there you can multiply.

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