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violin with chicken leg

November 8, 2011

violin with chicken leg

This was just too funny not to post. Lukas draws a lot. I discovered early on that he takes a sketchbook a lot more seriously than he does a piece of paper so I gave him a few sketchbooks and a can of colored pencils and a dedicated space in the middle of the house. All any artist needs, right? Every morning, he heads to his “studio” and goes to work for, seriously, about 45 minutes. And later in the day he is back. I think he does it instead of a nap to relax.

Today we checked out a great website called In the MakeKlea McKenna photographs and Nikki Grattan interviews a different artist each week working in their studios. Then they post the interview and photos so we can enjoy and be inspired by both these two wonderful women and their interview subjects. I am really impressed by the fact that they are doing it every week—that is a lot of work! And such beautiful work it is. Lukas chose the artist interviews he wanted to check out today and really enjoyed seeing the photos of other artists in their studios.

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