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what the halloween fairy brought

November 9, 2011

helicopter stories

Did I mention we like helicopters and airplanes? Well, one of us does. The halloween fairy (who transforms candy into a toy in the night) made this lovely helicopter appear and we have been hearing stories of it ever since. Which candies turned into the wings he asks. Hmmm. The stories are endless. The stories of flying away and where to go and where to land and how to land and the airports and places of the world and who is going along with him. An endless supply of stories. It makes me want to write stories and since it’s national novel writing month, I thought I would give it a try. So I signed up for it, and I am behind on word count, but not too behind. What respect I have for all the books I read and the process that brings them there! It has always been hard for me to write anything long and so I had to just do it. I am already loving the longer spells of writing and what it is bringing out. What was a spontaneous idea became something I am really loving this month. It’s not too late if you want to join in.

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