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cloud covers

November 10, 2011

Today was a relaxing day. I’m not sure why but it seemed so good. We make butternut squash soup, the first of the season! I have really been looking forward to it and it does not disappoint! At one point Lukas and I go outside, spread out the blankets in the sun and bundle up in others since it is a cold sunny day, and read books. We look at clouds and see a giant fish cloud pass over us that spans the entire sky. We see little clouds and no clouds and a few airplanes and birds during our time out there. I highly recommend going outside on the blanket to read books! A few apples remain on the tree and leaves keep floating by. His little face looks over at mine under the blanket, then peeks out to see the fish cloud, smiles, pats my hair and says “you have nice hair mama”. And earlier when we are reading, “He’s so tiny!” about the tiny mouse in the book “The Enormous Turnip”. (One of our favorites) He really gets a kick out of that mouse. These are the kinds of moments I will remember of age three with him.

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