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night in (with visitors)

November 15, 2011

the afterglow

Last night we had dinner guests. This is a new phenomenon since it always seems easier just to stay home by ourselves and do the same thing. My parents never had guests, possibly for this reason, but Scott had memories as a kid of listening to guests from the upstairs after he went to bed. It’s been a really long while since we’ve had anyone over, but we did it and it was great! I’m excited to do it again. I cooked a fast dinner while Scott and Lukas went to the park, maybe next time I’ll make something more elaborate. They brought a beautiful salad and we ate ice cream and drank dandelion coffee after dinner. The best part of the evening was when our guests started singing along to Peter Yarrow’s version of “The Fox” with Lukas. These are our people! Paul even tuned our ukulele with an app he had on his iphone. Who knew there was such a thing. I can even tune a ukulele now thanks to this app. We shared stories about broken down trucks and windmills, and swapped book recommendations from authors we all resonate with. One Wild Word Suzanne! It was great and the lingering feeling when guests leave is always so peaceful, I just love it. Thank you guests for coming over and sharing the evening!

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