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a little squashed

November 16, 2011


not quite ready yet

lavender and wild strawberries spreading like crazy

the last of the calendula and big bursts of white sage!

The late fall, early winter garden is yielding up squash! I planted one Delicata plant and one Butternut plant, since those are my favorite squashes. I wanted to see how many we could grow on each plant and also the space where we wanted to plant was not that large, as least as far as squash needs go. The vines filled the space perfectly, and didn’t expand beyond their boundaries except to crawl up a small olive tree and dangle Delicata squashes like ornaments from the branches! The two vines ended up growing 10 delicatas and 5 butternuts. The butternuts are maybe not quite ready. The stems are supposed to be tan and they are not quite tan but I picked one to see. The Delicatas are ready. This means soup this week and garden cleanup, which seriously started today. Lukas ate strawberries that were growing under the sages while we worked outside today. I love this time of year!

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