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short pencils and other stories

November 29, 2011

These days, I am enjoying and grateful for:

Leaves all over the place, red, orange, yellow and brown leaves, floating, flying and crunching!

How short the colored pencils are these days from all the drawing time.

A kid with laryngitis, (not enjoying him because he’s sick, but because he seems fine except for a strange and different voice, which he is enjoying too!) and also because it has not led to any asthma episodes!

Lukie’s new dances and songs he has been doing. He just started dancing, it was all singing and playing instruments before this, now it’s all three. The house is full of live music and dance, even though neither Scott nor I have ever learned an instrument.

Stories that consistently begin with “And what if I went up to an airplane, opened the door and quickly got in?”

Sweater weather and being outside in the silvery light, gardening, sitting, walking or playing in the park.

Reading The Sun magazine and Parabola magazine cover to cover.

Seeing the movie Margin Call with Scott the other night in our favorite restored vintage theatre in San Rafael and enjoying a vegan dinner out at Café Radiance.

Another date with Scott where we drove to Sausalito, walked across the Golden Gate bridge and then came home. I’ve never done that before!

The boat docks in the middle of town where you can go and sit and look out at the water, or launch a rowboat and enjoy the river, with a kid!


Our first bird watching expedition this morning, and Lukas was patient and quiet and totally interested!

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