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November 30, 2011


One of our regular activities is making and eating pizza. For some reason this never gets old for Lukas. He is always up for a pizza. Of course we have all these food requirements so we use a gluten free crust mix and add duck eggs and raw milk and sheep cheese. By the way, did I tell you about our gluten free, dairy free, hemp milk, duck egg pumpkin pie made with a locally grown pumpkin that we brought to Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt’s this year? It tasted the same as a “regular” pumpkin pie and everyone loved it! I love doing intense substitutions, heehee! Making a pie with a real pumpkin takes all day, by the way, and is another great kid activity. But back to the pizza. The great thing about pizza is that you can add anything to it. I like to add a sliced zucchini or a bunch of chopped up greens, a can of olives and some sheep feta. Or some ham, or some chicken or grated sheep cheese, or tomatoes or herbs, or, etc., etc. It’s always exciting to the little guy to add all these things and his favorite is the olives. Today the weather was sunny and crisp so we took it outside and had an outdoor lunch. Not many of these days left this year. Pizza is one of those things that makes me slow down and enjoy because it takes so long to make, (especially today, when we had to clean the oven first…. Lukas was telling me how when he’s older he’ll come over and clean my oven for me whenever I need it. What a catch he’ll be!) and lately, I’ve very much been enjoying taking things slower and looking around at what is happening while it’s happening. Even if it’s oven cleaning. Even when it’s cooking dinner, again, and especially when it’s a little kid outside with me on a sunny cold day eating pizza like it’s the best thing ever, “but not better than usual” he makes sure to clarify.

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