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a banner year

December 6, 2011

Y? Because we like you

Lukas keeps busy with felt while I make the banner

Last year I made the birthday crown, this year I had just enough time to make a birthday banner. I made banners last year for Scott’s birthday but we never took them down so they seem more everyday now. A real birthday banner seemed in order. So I pinked out some triangles, cut out some letters, sewed them on the triangles, and then, sewed the triangles into some quilt binding. That was it. Simple. We brought it to my Dad’s birthday too and can hang it up for anyone else who is having a birthday and wants to use it! Another party decoration we did was to take photos we had of Lukas from baby to age 4 and clothespin them to a piece of yarn I had stretched across the bookcase. Fun to see how he’s changed over the few years! And we clipped cards to a ribbon going down the wall. Then I brought in fresh flowers from the yard and that was it. And it adds warmth to the house having those photos up for a few days to reflect on our sweet little guy!

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