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holiday fun

December 28, 2011


three sisters

seeing santa

My cousin and I got to wear our fancy shoes...

reusable wrap


Gathering with the entire family on Christmas Eve for our yearly dinner and gift exchange. It was the best one yet, Santa even made an appearance, much to the delight of the littlest family member!

Reusable holiday wrapping again this year. I made fabric bags for each gift and added ribbons on the closed end. Then place the gift inside, fold over the open end and wrap the ribbons around like a present. They look as good as paper (even nicer, I think) and you can reuse the bag again for another gift.

A visiting sister from Germany!

Lukas enjoying the season so much this year, four is a great age for this season.

Visiting with friends, I love dinners out and dinners in and seeing friends form out of town that are only here this time of year.

A chance to wear fun shoes and vintage dresses…

This beautiful weather; we’ve been able to do some wandering around the parks in the cold and sun.

Mochas with friends and lots of german chocolate, thanks to sis (though I’m glad the german chocolate part is short lived)!

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