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2012 • divine new year

January 4, 2012

creating my goddess year!

Happy New Year! It’s taken me a while to find my routine again after the holidays. I tried to keep it simple over the holiday season and succeeded until the last week, when it became so busy! Then it felt like rest time after that. We expected to spend New Years by ourselves at home and then two dear friends stopped in at 8pm with a bottle of champagne… Lukas woke up at 1am and kicked everyone out! He was such the curmudgeon!

This year I am scheduling in the magic all year. I’ve been working with Goddess Leoni’s 2012 “Creating Your Goddess Year” planner. It says things like: schedule in a quarterly “media-free week” and, decide what to do for your birthday now and so many other amazing ideas and questions that send you thinking about all kinds of things you want to work on during this year. The thing I really love though is the “100 things you want to do this year” list and the corresponding to-do book that helps you make them all happen. Surprisingly, it is taking me a while to figure out my 100 things.

divine year

I also appreciate the yearly card reading, where I chose a tarot card for each month to guide the year. Unsurprisingly, it revealed that I need more rest in wintertime and more energetic projects during the rest of the year.

The idea of thinking about the entire year right now is helpful and wonderful. Too often, time slips away unaccounted for and those things you wanted to do hang in the back of your mind,not exactly forgotten, making a feeling of dissatisfaction that hovers over whatever you are doing. Just knowing that things are scheduled to happen (even if they need to be shuffled around at some point or put into next year) is divine.


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  1. January 5, 2012 10:42 am

    Wow this does look inspiring!

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