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ice treasure

January 12, 2012

winter ice wreath

later in the day

half falls off after melting

bean mosaics

green smoothies

For some reason it was a really crafty day. We start out making an ice suncatcher wreath. The idea is from The Rhythm of Family. We add some water to the bottom of a bundt pan and freeze it. While it is freezing we gather winter treasures outside. When we return home it is frozen and we add the treasure and more water and a string to hang the wreath.

Then we make bean mosaics with red, black and white beans and do some drawings. When those are done, we add a little more water on top of the pan and put it back in the freezer.

Then we make green smoothies with blueberries, spinach, apples and bananas. Then we drink them outside in the winter sunshine. Finally the suncatcher is ready and we take the pan out, warm it in some water to loosen the ice and bring it outside to hang in a tree. As the day progresses, the wreath melts and all the pine cones and leaves fall into the garden for the birds to pick at.

And a very Happy Birthday to my sis! Hope you are having the best day ever on this highly significant birthday!!!

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