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indoor wildcrafting

January 17, 2012

whoops, slipped in the river!

the St John's wort card

into the sunny meadow and up the deer path...

Lukas is sick right now so we stayed inside today and played this game all morning. It is so exciting he is finally old enough (barely) to play it! He kept wanting to play it again and again and it was fun enough to actually do.

The game is cooperative so the players help each other go up the mountain, gather herbs and pick huckleberries. Everyone wins at the end because everyone ends up eating huckleberry pie at gramma’s house. I like this because it seems too weird to win against a kid or lose to a kid this age (or any age, really). It also introduces the idea of wildcrafting herbs in nature and working together. Of course it’s on the shelf next to monopoly…

While we played it he drank elderberry and yarrow tea for his cold. I drank maté tea because Scott drinks it every day and never seems to ever become sick. I’m hoping this will work for me too. So far, so good…

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