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license to ride

January 26, 2012

duct tape wallet with bike license

making another one himself

Since kids copy us and everything we do, it was just a matter of time before he wanted a wallet. With a driver’s license. I explained that you have to be 16 but he just sort-of ignored me.

So I googled duct tape wallets and semi-followed their directions and semi-created my own directions, and made him a duct tape wallet from index cards and the aforementioned duct tape.

And of course, the “bike license” is in case anyone at the park asks him for it. (He knows all about this sort of thing since I was pulled over the other day… In fact, it’s probably the reason he wants a license in the first place)

So we photocopied Scott’s license and added in a photo of Lukas instead and his name and city. Then I wrote the words “bike license” on it and Lukas signed his name and added a bike sticker on the back. Then we added clear tape to “laminate” it. This in the wallet, along with his arts council membership card, are all he really needs, should he be pulled over on his bike.

A couple days later, he decided to make one for his little friend Huxley. He was out there cutting duct tape and index cards and piecing it all together. It’s a smaller version since Huxley is smaller. I know he will love it.

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