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getting our worms

February 1, 2012

sun comes up

and up

all the way up

golden light

The other day Lukas woke up really early. Like extra early, at 5am. So instead of being all annoyed by it (which I actually was and would be my normal reaction…) I decided to just get up, make breakfast and then go see the sunrise at Shollenberger Park. Because really, how often do I see the sunrise? Never, that’s how often. Now I had my chance.

Well fed, we ride over there in the car in the silver semi-light of early morning. There are a few people there already, runners and a few people with dogs. I am the only person with a four year old…

The first amazing thing is the birdsong of all the red-winged blackbirds. Lukas stops in his tracks at the sound of it. “They are singing to us!” he decides, and listens for a while. The sun is almost up as we walk toward an area full of geese. The second the sun rises over the marsh, they all burst into honks. It is incredible! I am reminded of Burning Man and how when the sun rises, anyone awake and wandering around just starts cheering. It’s some kind of instinctive response when you are connected to the ecological world and all its elements.

The light turns golden instantly and the biting cold begins to be warmer. Suddenly it is day and the feeling is very different. I can’t believe this happens every morning and I miss it every time.

For the next two days, Scott, who is jealous of our adventure, goes to Shollenberger to see the sunrise and takes a million beautiful photos. So Lukas inspired both of us with his crazy early bird awakening!

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  1. Majida permalink
    February 1, 2012 11:31 am

    what a beautiful experience! What a beautiful mother! what a beautiful child! what a beautiful family! Love, Majida

    • karen hess permalink*
      February 1, 2012 4:03 pm

      thank you majida!

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