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making it last

February 6, 2012

jeans with cuffs

they're good for running

Of course kids grow up. And when you make their clothes, it seems they grow faster than ever! I don’t make all of his clothes, but I make some of them, and I wanted  these jeans to last as long as possible since they were not totally easy to make. So I added some cuffs to the bottom that lengthened them just the right amount for another few months hopefully! Amazingly, they’ve lasted since June already. I just kept unrolling the previous cuffs until there was just a ragged edge, which is where I sewed on the new cuffs.

Since the latest growth spurt, I also made 4T versions of these knit leggings. They are great for wearing to bed and also underneath pants in the daytime as a warm layer in winter. I was feeling guilty watching him run around in his 3T hipster cropped leggings! Now they go all the way to his ankles and all the way up to his waist…hooray!

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  1. February 22, 2012 1:58 am

    Wow. Making your own jeans is just amazing. Not sure I’ll ever get to that point… maybe for my grandkids! LOL. I am loving Heather’s workshop and yes, having to adjust a few things as well. But I love the recipes, forum (when I get there) and some of the tutorials and advice. Just used the meal planning worksheets- quite like them- love the spot for page references. Enjoy! xo m.

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