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February 8, 2012

pink kim chee

A couple weeks ago I took a workshop at the Bounty Farm to learn how to make sauerkraut and kim chee. Actually, I went to figure out if you could ever do it so wrong it would kill you. The answer is no because you would definitely know if it went that wrong. Yaa!

So we made both things and since it was a bit cold my sauerkraut just didn’t do anything, it kind-of just sat there. The kim chee, on the other hand, worked, and after four days of fermenting on the countertop, it was delicious. I keep the jar in the fridge and scoop out a little to go with everything.

Basically, you chop up beets and carrots and cabbage and turnips and any hard veggie like that, add some ginger and peppers and salt, mix it up, smash it down with a wooden mallet until juices start flowing. When you have it in your crock or jar, you want juice covering it and then you can cover it with a piece of cabbage core or a piece of wood or a plate that fits and let the juice go over it.

Then ferment for however long you want. Taste every day so you know when it’s how you like it. There are actual recipes for this stuff in our instructor, Rachel Kaplan’s book, Urban Homesteading if you are interested in learning more.

Lukas likes sauerkraut (ever since he was one and I took him to the Freestone Fermentation Festival…) but the kim chee is a bit spicy for him these days. It’s one of the best digestive things you can eat. It is also such a pretty color and really livens up a meal  with both its appearance and flavor!

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