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raspberry bliss

February 13, 2012

raspberry bliss (not the greatest photo, but all I could get before they were eaten up!)

We made these raspberry-oat bars the other day. It’s so great to be able to give Lukas something sweet to snack on without worrying about gluten and nuts.  The recipe is from my cooking class, which I am loving. Substitutions occurred, but using date sugar, teff flour, gluten free oats and ghee instead of the called-for ingredients did not alter it negatively at all. The flavor was excellent!

It’s hard enough being a mama and not being able to just hand my kid a granola bar or whatever makes it that much more complicated. I’ve been searching out ways to make the food part of it easier and this class has seriously helped. We’ve made all kinds of fun new dishes this past week, including these bars, a kale sweet potato dish and a sweet and sour chicken and pepper dish.

The recipes have been easy and delicious, and kid-helping-friendly (hugely important in this house, where the kid is hands-on everything!). And, since the cooking teacher is a mom, she seems to know things can’t take more than 30 minutes from start to finish. I’ve found that it’s worth looking around for ways to expand my knowledge in areas where I’m lacking. Thanks to all of you out there sharing your gifts. We need every one of you!

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