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We Love You Shollenberger Park!

February 14, 2012

The park loop, the people are too small to see it is so huge!

The small red dots are people along the river trail. They stretched around the entire park!

Part of being in a community is loving it and caring about what happens to it. For example, when a large company wants to build an asphalt plant next to a wetlands park that the community enjoys and uses and that is home to many birds, the community says “We Don’t Think So”. This is Shollenberger Park, where we have been going to see the sunrise lately, so you see, we are bonding with it quite strongly these days.

This past weekend, almost 1,500 people came out for “Hands Around Shollenberger” and joined hands around the two mile loop trail to be photographed from an airplane. Who was up in the airplane photographing? You guessed it, Scott. (Anything to go up in a an airplane, no wonder Lukas is so obsessed with them!) It was cold, but so great to be out there at the park with so many of our friends sending a message of support.

We happened to park right next to our dear friend Elizabeth and a bunch of her friends, so we had an impromptu gathering with them during the event. Yaa! All part of the fun, seeing people you like to hang out with. Lukas ran around waving red streamers and keeping count of how many loops the plane was doing around the park (five, one more than we thought).

Lukas made this drawing one day recently of a bird smelling an asphalt plant! Heehee! It was completely his own idea, well, after hearing us talk about it a lot apparently… I love the energy of the bird, there is something so funny about him!

bird smelling an asphalt plant

An asphalt plant just does not belong next to a community wetlands park. For more reasons why it’s a bad idea go to

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